Building a Porch

It’s  the second week in June and it’s the porch building season in western New York. The expression is “knee high by the 4th of July.” I know what it means. But I’m not raising corn, I’m raising a porch.

deck without railings or posts

Up until now the house had no porch.

Inspection of the foundation at the front reveals that it had one at one time, but that was long before anyone around here can remember.

I started by getting the permit. Always the best way to go.

I decided on a 6′ deep porch.  The porch will need 5- 42″ deep holes for the posts along the front. The house side of the porch will be attached to the original house foundation with a treated -wood ledger board.

Original 8×8″ foundation underneath the 2″ plank siding

This board is a 2×8 and is connected to an 8×8″ foundation beam with “ledger-Lok” screws. These are specially designed to put together large wood joints. The ones I used were 8″ long.

8″ screws

The screws have to be long enough to go through 3″ of double ledger board, 2″ of original plank siding  and at least 3″ into the foundation beam.

Then I set the 6×6″ posts into the holes being careful to keep them in a straight line. ( but not straight enough it turned out)


I set the posts with concrete on a poured concrete bottom after OK from the inspector.

Next I built the front beam on top of  the posts. These were 2×8’s screwed together from both sides. The joints in the wood  always land on the posts.

After  building the framework I covered the porch in TREX. Trex is a pvc wood-like product that looks just like wood. the benefit is that it is impervious to water. So, there will be no degradation of the wood due to freezing. (that’s what the ad said) I finished the porch bottom and trim on July 3rd. Tomorrow is the 4th and we’re going to Lyndonville for the parade and celebration.

The porch is definitely “knee high.”

It needs some bushes…


if you squint enough you can almost imagine a porch



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