finally, a kitchen

Kitchen Before

Well, it’s been ten weeks with NO kitchen and now it’s just about done.

I spent two of the most frustrating days of my life trying to install the “snap together” flooring from Home depot.  Eventually I realized that I would never be happy with the floor so, I took it all out and returned it to the store. They were very nice and gave us a full refund.  Then we had a local company come and install beautiful vinyl for the SAME PRICE! (live and learn)

We waited for 4 weeks for a piece of counter top for the sink area and when it arrived it was the wrong color. So, to keep my poor wife from a complete melt down I bought some from Home Depot and made do.

Kitchen after

It turned out OK.

We love the new sink. It’s 9″ deep, double compartment stainless. We could wash two babies at a time in the sink, except its about forty years too late. ( they no longer fit)

All that’s left now is some subway tile backsplash and  a little trim.


sink before
Sink after

Now it’s on to the second floor bathroom.!

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