July Update

The porch is going up!

I know you’re checking out my legs. It’s Ok    ( the porch is NOT crooked. It’s the camera)


I can still walk and work , so we are continuing to have fun. Yes Sir!

First things first. The porch and steps are not crooked. It seems that Suzanne’s camera makes look that way. Yes, I do have a level.

Suzanne has been busy painting and cleaning the 2nd floor. The work evidently never ends.

Here are some pictures for all of our many viewers. (I think we’re up to 3 now)

We bought a table set and refinished it this month. it matches the house perfectly.

don’t look too close to the finish. I got a little carried away sanding.

The 2nd floor is shaping up. The back bedroom has been decorated and and painted. It also has a window A/C so, we’ll have to charge more for the room. ( kidding)

check out the original wallpaper.
on second thought….

The front bedroom still needs lots of work. (so I’m told) but it looks good to me. Suzanne can make anything look good. I ought to know.

It has original plaster holes. You can’t buy them anymore.

The bathroom turned out pretty good thanks to Suzanne. I would have probably just painted the old toilet and seat.

A room to rest in.

August is coming soon. hopefully we’ll have the porch semi-done before family arrives.

Oh yeah, We also painted our makeshift master bedroom. It’s really a living room. Perhaps it will be again someday.

no stairs needed.



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