Moving into our new digs


Unloading in Medina

The movers came on Tuesday and spent 6 hours loading everything we everything we had into the big truck. Juan, the driver, said it would all be in Medina on March 9th. He was right on time.



After the movers left we cleaned the house and hopped into our cars. Only then, as we drove west toward Winston-Salem did it really sink in. WE WERE REALLY DOING THIS!

We stopped in Winston- Salem for the night and rested up for the next day. Good thing we did.

On Wednesday, March 1st, we drove north toward West Virginia and ran into the worst fog I ever saw on an interstate. We couldn’t see 100 feet. As the trucks flew by, we just hung on and prayed. We hardly had time to get over that when we ran into a fast moving front that hit us with 50 mph sideways rain. It was a hair-raising adventure, even for a guy with no hair.

Our little home
It’s a little better now

We stopped in Washington, Pennsylvania for the night and rewarded our persistence with a big steak at Longhorn steakhouse.  The next day the weather was cold and snowy all the way to New York.  (Pennsylvania drivers are even worse than Florida). We arrived in Medina in the afternoon and immediately went to the house to see if our little abode was even liveable. It wasn’t.

So, we stayed  with Suzanne’s brother  for four days then moved into a bed and breakfast just up the street from SuzannesHouse. After  ten days of re-piping the water, building a laundry, building a makeshift kitchen and a long list of other items we moved in on March 13th.

$4.99 at Rudy’s
This is the best!

We have one working bathroom, a laundry room and a bedroom with no door. But we do have a new Lazy Boy couch. So things are looking up!

We installed new carpet, some paint and a little flooring.

I’ve changed my goal from “restoring” the house to just keeping it from “falling down.”

The real credit goes to Suzanne. She has the ability to take any place and make it a home. she is working constantly to make it more beautiful. It’s amazing –she’s amazing.

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