We finally have a 2nd floor bathroom

I was beginning to think the house was whipping me. This  bath  renovation project has definitely eaten my lunch.

This little bathroom has taken so long. But we  have finally gotten to the point where we can see it done. (the bath…not the house)

To start with, from one end to the other the floor goes downhill 3″. That’s in only 7 feet! so we had no recourse but to build up the floor to make it level. This means we have a 3″ step into the room. Because of the low existing headroom, we had to  cut the door down to begin with and now, with the additional 3″ we have a 6′-3″ door. It feels a little like Mr. Baggin’s Hobbit house. But . . . . it works!

Now we are on to the 2nd floor bedrooms.

the existing plumbing is a nightmare.
just a whole bunch of “crazy”




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