Winter is over at Suzanne’s House

And the house is still standing!

Well, here it is April 2018 and we are still alive.  No, we haven’t frozen to death. Let’s just call it a “near death” experience. The old furnace still keeps rolling along. (it actually sounds like it’s rolling sometimes)

Today, April 11th and the place is sunny and a warm 34 degrees. Suzanne has taken to raking the lawn (or where it would be) to clean up  winter’s offerings. We have these big wind events and  all the garbage in Medina ends up in our yard.  It seems that way anyhow. We only lost a piece of siding from the back of the house. I hope its not the piece holding up the back of the house.

This winter I cleaned up the stairs  and added  a little bit of railing and woodwork at the top floor. There wasn’t any railing when we moved in.

I’m not much of a carpenter and at last I have the chance to prove it.

man with more dollars than sense

We added a door on the downstairs bedroom so  guests don’t have to walk through our bedroom to come downstairs.

We added lighter paint in the kitchen and some subway tile for looks.

We also added a little bead board  and paint in the white bedroom. The upstairs looks pretty nice for 1890.

“Putty and paint, makes it what it ain’t”
White room

Someday we’ll even have the bedroom doors close with handles and everything.

Oh, did I mention that, because we’ve grown so comfortable with freezing to death, we are leaving for a week in ICELAND! It’s funny really. The temperature has actually been higher there than here this winter. So it will feel like a caribbean vacation.!


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